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I am the Web¬†Designer and also take care of techie SEO related issues. First impressions are really important; therefore, I design very strong and visually impacting websites. While designing your website, I take into consideration branding, the latest coding techniques, user experience, site speed, user psychology and everything related to making your website the most impressive marketing tool possible. Search engine optimisation has never been more important and as long as your site is easy to use and properly structured, Google will thank you by giving your website a high ranking. I mostly design websites using the WordPress platform as it is extremely user-friendly and the world’s most popular choice.

I am also a professional photographer and am more than happy to discuss your needs for unique imagery for your web project.




Looking for a website that will captivate your customers? A tone of voice that rings true every time? I am the copywriter you need.

I thoroughly enjoy writing website content for my clients and seeing each project through to its successful conclusion. I am also encouraged wholeheartedly by the repeat business BrittleStar Web Design is experiencing and the very positive feedback and comments I am receiving as a copywriter.

Copywriting has always been my joy and now I get to do the job I love every day. Read some of my blog articles here. Strong website content is vital, you need to create punch and style to spread the news of your amazing services or products. This is where I can help you attract customers to your website, by conveying exactly the message you need to send. Blog posts are the nutrients which keep your website healthy and fresh so you should enrich your website regularly by blogging.


When you publish strong content, great things happen!

seamus hannon successfully completed the Technical SEO course!
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seamus hannon successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress (classic editor) course!

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