How to Write SEO Friendly and High-Quality Blogs


You’ll need to have a few feathers in your cap to write easy to read and SEO-friendly blog posts. The thought sends many running to the hills. Yet, it is the most important aspect of keeping your website SEO healthy and keeping the search engines returning again and again to your site. There are 3 major steps you need to take, which I would love to share with you here. These steps will help you write excellent content and SEO-friendly content. Very simply, your content must be original, readable and findable.

1.      Original Content

Your content must be something everybody will read – not just simply skim. It should be:

1.      Fresh

2.      New

3.      Original

Your content will have to be different from anything else on the internet. The stronger the content the better your chances of ranking well with Google, etc.

2.      Readable Content

I cannot overstress how important it is to have easily readable content. When an article is clearly and concisely written, everybody will instantly understand the message being conveyed. This is the most important aspect when you are trying to sell your products or services via your website. When you are looking to knock your competition out of the water, killer content writing and strategy will help. Also, remember, it’s not just people that are reading your content, Google and other search engines will also need to know your message loud and clear. As long as your message is being delivered very clearly, your content has a great chance of ranking in the search engines.

3.      Findable Content

This is a really important step, probably the most important. You must be found to do business! After writing awesome content for your website make sure you have included SEO keywords and links. This will maximise your chances of being found and ranking high.

SEO should be built into your budget for a long-term strategy. Your website should always match as close as possible to what your customers are looking for. This is the reason it is really important to write strong, original, readable and findable content. Otherwise, you are running around in circles without hitting your target. Good Luck!


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