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Voice Search to Order Sushi – Couldn’t Get Easier

Life just got easier! You want to know if a ducks quack really doesn’t echo – Voice Search! You want to buy a small farm in the West of Ireland, shout it out loud and get the answer you’ve been looking for! Seriously, you can now just use your own voice to search for a result on the internet.  Voice search is certainly on the up . It will go through the roof by the end of 2018.

Voice versus Keyboard

Talking comes easy, well for most of us anyway, right? It’s fast and it’s usually coherent so this is the perfect way to gain your answers quickly and reliably from Google. The use of voice assistants is on the rise where one in five searches in the US on Android devices in 2017 was voice activated. Voice assistants are simply a breeze to use and with more of us needing to multitask our busy lives it’s no surprise to see a huge rise in voice activated searching. We just love getting fast and relevant results on the go.

Sing Like a Star, Hum Like a Hummingbird

With Google’s Hummingbird, introduced in 2013, answering questions accurately became a priority. Hummingbird takes the context of every word importantly, it’s no longer about just the words themselves but what they actually mean. This is why Google started to scan content in a different way. It is now extremely important to have properly structured content. BrittleStarSEO.com can help get your content in the correct order so that your website organically moves up the ranking ladder.

Voice Search Has Become Smart and Colourful  Microphone icon

Until recently, voice search was quite clunky and prone to error. No matter how sweet or endearing the voice, the results were often murky and tangled. Now it’s spitting out intelligent results, even taking into account what was previously asked and adding further information to your search. You can now ask a voice assistant a specific question and on getting the answer you can then narrow it down further to get a very honed and complete answer.

What’s Next in Voice Search?

Since voice search changes the way we search, we should be extremely careful about how we provide our content. We should be examining our website content and look at it from a different angle. For instance, you need to ask yourself whether your content is answering the relevant questions your audience are asking right now. Is your content’s answer all encompassing or are there pieces of information missing? If so, your visitors to your site are not getting the entire information they are looking for. The secondary component to voice search is your readability, if it is not easily understood and comprehensible then it needs fixing. Take some time to figure out the conversational queries surfers are using to find the information they need. Then check your content – does it add up? If not, get in contact with BrittleStarSEO.com for help getting your keywords to open up those Key Doors.

Happy Voice Searching and Good Luck!

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