Do I Need a Website

Your Website is Your Piece of Internet Real Estate!

Do I need a website when there are platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., where all the cool people are hanging out? Surely, in this age of modern technology people don’t need the extra work and cost of having a fancy website, paying for design, domain and that’s not even taking into consideration the annual maintenance cost. For the amount it takes to keep a website well-oiled and running smoothly, I could easily afford to adopt 2 more ragdoll cats, a dog and perhaps even a pony to come live with me in Chiswick, London. Do I need a website? YES I certainly do.

Tweet Chirpy Tweet Tweet

Here’s the thing… If you want to tweet until the sun goes down, brilliant. If you want to start a Facebook page, go for it. If you want an Instagram account, knock yourself out, but don’t even dream of building your business there. Doing so is the same as taking your laptop and sitting on a bench in the town square. Are there lots of people milling around? Sure there are, but will they know why you are there or even care? No, because your business is lacking the essential infrastructure – aka WEBSITE.

Diversion Ahead 

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Social media is amazing, don’t get me wrong. It is the Internet motorway with lots of activity, people hopping from site to site. Just remember it is a motorway, that’s all. Your website is your piece of real estate on this motorway, your building that you own. We all know that real estate is something that can be built upon and expanded. You can do anything you please with it, you will definitely make it as attractive as possible to your customers and you have the right to do this because you own it! Simple as! When you try to build your business on social media you aren’t building on YOUR asset, you’re just really working for Facebook, Twitter, etc., and you will never own any part of it.

So the answer to the question, “do I need a website” is once again a resounding 100% yes. Social media will help drive traffic to your website which is amazing – see it as social media diverting traffic off the motorway directly to your building. Yeahh, bring it on!

Most people eventually realise they do actually need a website. Unfortunately, lots don’t realise the potential of a profitable website. For example, many people think a little portfolio type website will do the trick. They populate it with amazing examples of their work and add fantastic testimonials and hang it out on the internet with their contact form. They wait, and wait…. But hey, that’s not a website, that’s just a digital brochure! A website cannot be just delivered out there with a little pat on the head and a good luck charm. There must be an engine in the background working very very hard 24/7. It needs to be making you money while you sleep and do you know what it takes to make this happen?

Join me next time and I’ll tell you ?


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