Ever Wondered How Google Results Page Works?

Google is pretty much a household name and is the most powerful tool you need to have on your side when it comes to ranking your website. The following is some useful information on what Google does and this will be especially useful for all you SEO newbies. When you understand Google, you are on a straight path to creating a SEO strategy that really works.

To explain how Googles result page works, let’s have a look at the following information. First off, search engines such as Google follow links. From page to page these links are followed. Google consists of an algorithm, an index and a crawler. Google’s crawler traverses the internet 24/7 following links and saving the HTML version of every page in this immense database, called the index. Whenever you add new pages to your website or update existing content, Google will find it the next time it swings by. The new page is then saved. NOW, some key information: depending on the regularity of changes you make to your website, will determine how often Google will visit. Therefore, it is ultra-important to add fresh content to your site regularly.

The First Step You Must Take to Get Google’s Recognition

Google won’t know you exist until there is a link from another site to your site. This must be from a site that is already present in Google’s index. If this is a strong link, then Google will follow it to your site. This will be the first time your website gets saved in the index. From this point on, your website is ready to appear in Google’s search results. It is now totally up to you to make sure your site starts to rank well with the search engines. More about this later!

Now That You are Alive and Kicking on the Web

The next step Google takes is to match certain search queries with the relevant web pages it has indexed. To do this Google has a certain algorithm which decides the pages that will be shown and the order in which they fall. Now, we can all spell the word algorithm but how it works, well, this is a Google secret. This is because the algorithm changes regularly. Even though the algorithm is kept secret, Google makes us aware of the things that are important. Unfortunately, we don’t know quite how important. This is why it is imperative to have as many of the ingredients that Google favours either built into your website or enhanced regularly. As previously stated above, the main message here is: you must keep Google happy, otherwise you will not rank. I will continue to repeat this message until it sticks; you must refresh your content regularly to keep the search engines happy. Simple and true!

Organic Search and Google Results Page

Google’s results page, or SERP as it is also known, shows between 7 and 10 links to sites which best fit your search. These are known as organic search results. Ideally, your website should show on the first page of search. When you click to the second page, more results are shown and as you click to further pages, still more results are shown. The further down your website is shown, the more likely it is that nobody is ever going to find you. It is crucial to regularly maintain your website so that it ranks well. This is best achieved by refreshing your content at least once a month. After all, the new kids on the block will be busy bees crafting and maintaining their websites. You don’t want to be left out of the hive or get stung by having stagnant, cold, old content.

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  1. This is a great post Christina. It explains the mechanics of Google simply and easily. Such a good message ‘you must keep Google happy’. That’s really what it’s all about. Keeping a website fresh and up-to-date with new content means a site will regularly be picked up by Google’s algorithms thus ensuring high natural search rankings. One way of achieving this is by posting regular blog posts. So thanks again for this great post, it has minded me to get going with a blog post for my site!

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