How To Choose SEO Keywords – for Clients and Freelancers

Clients and Freelancers: How to Choose SEO Keywords, How Many to Use

– All Without Pulling Your Hair Out or Burning the Midnight Oilburning the midnight oil

This is a biggie for every client I have every worked for! Some clients prefer to leave keyword research to myself and to be honest this is the way I prefer it too. Others, through the goodness of their ever-flowing ink fuelled pen don’t know when enough is enough. When is enough, enough you ask? Well, it’s not really about quantity, rather quality. There’s no need to include every colour in the rainbow when writing content for your carpet website. Choose carefully and cleverly. There are great tools to assist such as Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics. However, it’s good to start at the beginning and get the basics right.

Think…. How are people going to search for you online? Remember that Google is always looking for relevance. Having these 2 things in your arsenal is a great place to start your blank canvas. You’ll need to know the keywords to use in your headings and titles. For instance, BrittleStarSEO a Freelance Copywriter business – well, that’s one of our cogs. There is no point in my having just copywriter in my header – I need Freelance Copywriter. A great place to start is by looking on Google Analytics to see the words you rank for, then just try ranking better for them. It takes time and effort but it does pay off in the long run.


There are Keywords and Then There are Long Tailed Keyword Phrases image of cat looking at keyword research

Long tailed is when you use 3 words or more. This will take you to what your potential customer, while sitting at his kitchen table, will type in his search bar when looking for your service or product. Let’s say you have a long-tailed keyword phrase which separates you from the pack. I can say I am a Freelance Copywriter in London with extensive experience. This puts me in a much smaller bucket for somebody typing Freelance/Copywriter/London/Experience.

Use the Tools Available but Mostly Use Your Head

Tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Trends are fantastic help buddies but at the end of the day, the best ideas for your keyword strategy will come out of your own head. If you do need a little kickstart, Ubersuggest is a great tool for spitting out a variety of keywords in your range.

At the End of the Day, Nothing Beats Great Content with well thought out keywords

I am not telling you this just because my business is in the copywriting corner. It really is all about strong and interesting content which is refreshed regularly with a healthy sprinkling of keywords on each page.


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