How to Write the Best Copy for Your Website

April 20, 2020

There are a few things to consider here. First of all, your website appearance will act either as an attraction or a deterrent. A quirky and interesting website will hold the attention momentarily. Website design and website content should go hand in hand. Next (and this is the biggie) comes the website content. The first sentence needs to grab your reader’s attention and guide them along your road of merchandise, where you offer your products or services on a golden platter. See it as a trip to an amazing market, where from the first stall you just know this is going to reveal delights and surprises along the way.

Website Content – Tell Your Message Quickly

When website content is well written and holds the reader’s attention there is a good chance they will continue reading. A great example is a website of a friend of mine, who has made his career in writing travel blogs, and he certainly keeps his audience reading. Remember that web visitors need answers fast, they’ll take a quick scan and if your message doesn’t leap out and grab them right away they are gone to the next site. Tell your message quickly by writing your most important information first. If your visitors take only a glance at your site, how are you going to get your message across? The most important information for your website visitors is simply to let them know exactly what you do as fast as you can, i.e. website content writer, copywriter.

Beware of Huge Chunks of Content

Nothing puts readers off quicker than laborious chunks of content. Keep it neat, sweet and to the point! When you write short paragraphs of enlightening, entertaining and informative copy you are likely to be on a winner. It’s always a great plan to whittle down your content until you are really happy with the end result, it’s a given that your audience will be too.

The Triangular Concept

Try to imagine your website content as an upside-down triangle. On the first line you will fill your most important message about your business. The next line will have the second most important and so on. By writing in this style, you give your readers what they need to know immediately and then if they want to read further, they will find even more exciting details. When writing, always ask yourself what your audience needs to know, do and feel. Then follow up by hitting those marks every time. My last tip for now and probably my most important is: Use familiar words and write for scanners!

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