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A Few Basics on SEO Copy-writing and Long-Tail Keyword Research

Just back from a fab walk in Chiswick House and Gardens which has given me focus to share with you the different areas of long-tail keyword research and the concepts behind it. Amazing how lungs full of fresh air, a bright blue sky and creative company can have such an effect!cat doing longtail keyword research

So, keyword research is basically the work you do to obtain an extensive list of keywords which you need to rank for. You will use these throughout your website in strategic places to gain optimum clout!

Now, long-tail keywords are something I really want to dive into and break open here because I believe it is essential in helping with your organic ranking ability. Many companies tend to overlook the importance of long-tail keywords, preferring the more straightforward and exact word matches to their business. Where rich keywords will help your website, unfortunately, your direct competitors will also use the exact same or similar keywords. It is a little slower in producing results to use long-tail keywords, but over time they will really HELP your site in terms of hits and exposure.

Long-tail keywords are less commonly used and more specific because they focus on a niche. The more specific and longer your search terms are, the easier it will be to rank for the exact term. Keywords that are very specific and form a related phrase are referred to as long-tail keywords.

There Are Tools Out There to Help You

One of the best tools for planning your keyword strategy is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This will help you search for keyword ideas, show you how a list of keywords will perform and can even help you create a new keyword list. It is a free AdWords tool and is immeasurably helpful with organising new campaigns.

Google Trends is another goody to have in your marketing tool shed. This will allow you compare traffic for sets of keywords. It will also take into account numerous geographical regions.

How Important is a Long Tail Keyword Strategy to Your Business?

To help create your long-tail keyword strategy you must have a very clear awareness of what your service or product offers your customers and what makes it unique and special. Once you understand this and have your long-tail keywords properly in place, it will be a piece of cake to bowl your customers over and entice them to buy your stuff!

Remember, the biggest benefit of implementing a long-tail keyword strategy is that, even though they are used less in searches, once they ARE used, potential customers arriving at your site will be much more likely to do business with you.

How Long is Too Long?

The longer and more relevant the search terms are, the better your chances of conversion are. So, there is no such thing as too long. The key to remember is to always stay true to why you are online in the first place – you ultimately want to offer a fantastic service/product to your customers. They are waiting out there to purchase what you’ve got but they won’t find you without a cleverly orchestrated long-tail keyword strategy!

Hand in Hand – Long-Tail Keywords and Awesome Content

Once you’ve completed your research and defined the long-tail keywords you wish to rank for, the next step is to start creating strong, interesting and reader happy SEO website content. SEO copy-writing can prove a huge challenge, yet, while it is such an integral part of a great website, you must get this part right. Hiring a talented and qualified copywriter is your next fundamental step, hint www.brittlestarseo.com. Your content will have to be SEO friendly and extremely readable, better yet when it is engaging, true and on the ball!

Always remember that SEO copywriting is an ongoing process, it’s just not enough to get your website launched with your clever content and all your long-tailed keywords ready to start ranking, you need to refresh your content regularly. For new websites, you should be adding new, rich content every month and once you’ve covered the steps listed above you will have an ongoing strategy to keep your website and new onboarding customers happy,




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