The Importance of Link Building and Search Engine Crawlability

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Indexing and Ranking

Is Google able to reach and read a page on your website? When your page doesn’t hold the potential to be read by Google, that page will never get indexed and therefore will not rank and will be forever lost in the bowels of the internet. This is not a good thing, right? You need your content to be readily found when a potential customer types in your keywords in the search engines. There are many things you can do to improve the crawlability of your website. Link building is one of the essentials. I will talk more about link building and other important factors here.

Spidering and Crawling

Google send their spiders out to crawl pages on the internet. Once these spiders find your page, they will crawl it, read it and index it. Depending on what’s on the page and how important the links are on the page, will determine how important Google’s spiders deem the content to be. There are a few things Google checks before even starting to read the content on a page. They will first of all look for ranking factors. For instance, if you don’t have quality links pointing to your site then Google will think your site is not important and will ignore it. If your site is too slow or if it is showing too many technical errors Google will also ignore it.

Authoritative Linking and Holistic Link Building

This is a really important, perhaps even the most important aspect when it comes to Google’s spiders finding your website. When your website doesn’t have quality inbound links, Google won’t crawl it very often or quickly. It sees these types of sites as unimportant and doesn’t want to waste time on them. This is true of brand new sites and is also the reason why it takes time and a lot of effort to give a new website true recognition and show strong authority to the search engines. Well established websites, on the other hand, will be found much faster as they have already built up a great rapport with Google.

Why is Link Building Important for SEO?

There are 4 ways a strong link to your website will help you rank in the search engines:

1.     A strong link will add value to the receiving page on your website, allowing it improved visibility in the search engines.

2.     A strong link will add value to the entire domain allowing each page to be ranked slightly higher.

3.     The text in the anchor link will indicate to the search engine the theme or topic of the website and moreover the receiving page.

4.     Direct traffic is driven to your website every time people click on links. The more traffic on a website, the more importance it gains. This is recognised by the search engines and in turn they will place greater importance on your website.

It is important to remember when creating links from one website to another to stay on topic. If a link is created to an unrelated topic it doesn’t add value. It is also key to remain minimalist when it comes to links. The more links that are created on a page, the less each one will count.

Link Building and Holistic SEO

Holistic SEO applies to websites that try best to tick all the boxes so that their website can rank organically. These websites will usually offer the best information, combined with great website speed and the best user experience. Link building will occur naturally once all these steps are in place. Other websites are only too willing to link to clean sites with a holistic SEO strategy in place. Proper link building should help direct to your site, only those people that are actually interested in your services or products. Holistic SEO link building should always take place like a normal marketing strategy, not a trick. This is key as the search engines are genius at immediately finding flaws and tricks and will rank these websites down or in some cases remove them from the internet completely.


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  1. Many thanks for including a link to my website from this blog post. Yes, authoritative linking is definitely important when it comes to Google’s spiders finding a website. It took a while for my website to reach high rankings. However, as I started to include strong links to other websites both within landing pages and also blog post pages, my site is now continually ranked highly for my particular search words/phrases.

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