SEO – How Long Should You Continue?

SEO and the amount of effort involved are 2 of the most common dilemmas faced while keeping websites current and Google friendly! Folks just don’t like having to do the same stuff over and over. Yes, we want results but we want recurring results without too much effort. The sad news is, SEO takes time but it is so worth the hard work. How long do we need to concentrate on SEO? Well, the very short answer is: Forever.

SEO and Web Design
Organic Forever

You must indulge in the practice of SEO until your website ranks and then you need to continually update your website content so that you stay on that top step. That is unless you have an endless supply of cash to spend on advertising, that works too. Yet, I say organic is the way to go to gain optimum ‘yes nuggets’ from Google and a general recognition for putting in the hard work. Also, from an ethical point of view, I see organic rank in the same light as going green in the rest of our lives. There is something wholly worthwhile in designing from scratch an organic and energetic website that travels to the top by being fed wholesome green words every step of the way. Web design by Brittlestarwebdesign and our written website content are always generated with optimum organic search in mind.

Okay, some SEO bites to satisfy your hunger today.

  1. The Technical Aspect

SEO is formed of 3 different categories. The first is what I call auditing and is basically the technical bit. This is where you are trying to find out how your website is performing in general. How the website content is performing – is keyword density present and how the information architecture has been set up. How is HTTPS on your website? What about page speed? Are there broken links on your site? How can you tell if they exist? What about your titles, meta descriptions and the all-important snippets? How is your mark-up code, etc. etc.? I can tell you now that taking care of your technical strategy is so important. Some companies take a look at this once or twice a year but most companies don’t ever even look, at least not the ones I’ve talked to. They have no idea how important their SEO strategy is to their end goal.

  1. Keyword Research – Pick Those Gems Carefully

The second most important part of your SEO strategy is your keyword research. Again, this should be looked at very closely and updated as the market changes for your products/services. For example, what are your customers typing to find you? This may not remain constant and the rich keywords from last year may now be a rusty heap that brings you nothing in terms of sales. You will need to optimize your existing content and create new content so that you are always in touch with change. This is standard practice but I advise you to do this as much as possible to really reap the rewards. To outrank your competitors you must do better than them and the companies that see the best sales results are working very hard at constantly updating and renewing their SEO strategy.

  1. Build Links, Analyse and Get Authentic

The third is related to link building, outreaching and everything authentic outside of your website. This is what Google, Bing, etc. looks at on your website. They analyze how many links you have, how your social media is working on your site, how many recommendations you have, how your reviews look, your testimonials, etc. All of this needs to be controlled, incentivized and optimized. This part of SEO is really dynamic and you should be doing it all the time to really get the best results for your website.

Link Building
Strong Link Building

To summarise, when you want to organically rank high and you want to win that SEO competition, you need to work on your SEO all year long, every year. It needs to be one of your core marketing activities and you should have an ongoing budget in place for this. You need to invest in SEO and work on it all the time to harvest the results. The results will come, not overnight, but they will come and you will be so pleased to have put in the consistent work to achieve high results.

I hope this information will help your business and help convert your clicks to sales every day!


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