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Blog writing may seem a bit dated nowadays, but far from it! Blog writing is absolutely loved by the search engines. It is one of the best methods of keeping your website regularly optimised. By writing frequent fresh content in blog form, you show the search engines that your site is well maintained and current and has not been allowed to fall off the internet ladder! Having a blog has other advantages, not least the fact that it helps form relationships with like-minded businesses and potential customers. It allows the creative juices to flow also which I particularly love. Find out more About Us.

Use BrittleStar Web Design’s Blog Writing Team

However, blog posts need to be informative, educational and most importantly entertaining. Of course, there are blog posts out there that are potentially damaging to the eye, using the worst grammar and spelling; blogs that are written for the sole purpose of piling in keywords in the hope of better rankings. We frown on this churned out material and thankfully, our new friend Google Fred is onto their game. We will ONLY write well researched, creative, blah blah I’ve said it all already! So, you now know what you will get, in one word – quality.

If by chance you really like writing blogs but you’re not too sure about the final product, we offer a proofreading service also. Head over to our Proofreading and Editing Services Page NOW. Here, we are happy to take your blog, give it the once over, add a touch of magic and a thorough polish and whisk it right back to you. Now, there really is no excuse for not having a current and enjoyable blog! Check out our articles on How to Write SEO Friendly and High-Quality Blogs

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