Your Guide to Local and Small Business SEO

Let’s talk about your guide to local and small business SEO for a while! How can we attract more customers and give our business the boost it deserves?

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Finding your Niche

As a small company there is so much to be achieved from sound search results. The guide we are sharing with you here for local and small business SEO will help you get the most from search by using social media, finding your niche and optimising your pages. Here are a few of the topics we will cover:

  • Near me searches
  • Finding your niche
  • Writing strong content
  • Local ranking factors which will help your small business SEO
  • Low budget branding
  • Sharing your website content on social media
  • Google my business

Near me searches are powerful. Everybody uses the words ‘near me’ when sourcing a local business, when haven’t you searched bakery near me or gym near me? So, make sure Google knows where you’re located to benefit from near me searches. Over the past few years, traffic on search terms such as near me, open, nearby or closest have grown substantially. For your local and small business SEO, near me searches is more powerful than you think.

Find Your Product or Service Niche

Getting your niche clearly identified by Google is vital for small or local businesses. Once you find your product or service niche, you can focus on what makes your brand unique and hence improve your chances of ranking well for it. You can compete locally with the big guys and their massive advertising budgets once you have a clear niche. Recognise who your customers are and the words they use to describe your service or product because these are the terms people will use to find your website. Always assess your niche regularly as it will change as your business evolves.

Website Content Writing That Shouts Out Loud!

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Listen to Me!

This is the part I love. By writing bold and engaging website content your site will gain a considerable boost. It’s not enough to just throw your products or services onto a website and think the rest will take care of itself. Unfortunately, a lot of small business owners don’t realise the benefits to be gained from strong and strategic website content writing and have never even heard of local SEO content strategy. While writing your content, picking the correct keywords to optimise for is really important. Write about your business in a way that your visitors find interesting while also making it shout out to your best friend Google that you are worth ranking. The best website content writing will have your visitors sharing it and talking about it on social media platforms.

Local Ranking Factors

There are many factors that will influence your local rankings and probably the most important is NAP (name, address, phone number). Sounds like a no brainer, yet many businesses fail to recognise this fact. You must make sure these are added in the correct format (in code) and it may also help to add your city in your page titles. These all help when it comes to easier recognition of your website.

Branding Your Business Doesn’t Need to Cost the Earth

Branding and SEO are best friends! Does your logo and tagline represent your business from the get go without further explanation? Branding is all about recognition but it also conjures up the big money investment thought bubble. It doesn’t need to be a break the bank project. Low budget branding can be accomplished once you know your mission and you realise that your brand is YOUR BRAND. Once you have this mastered, get posting on social media. Write blogs about your business at least once a week and pump your brand. Get local networking if you can, there is a ton of network meetings on your doorstep – no matter how small your town, where you can meet likeminded business owners and you can grow your brand.

Social Media for Small Businesses

Social media is a great platform for growing your business awareness as well as selling your business. Along with growing your brand name here you will also attract visitors to your company website. When used correctly, social media can offer huge benefits. Social media will become your local market where all the customers know each other and talk to each other. The more you visit, the more customers you get to talk to. It’s all about getting your brand name out there and this is what social media was ultimately invented for.

Google My Business

Google My Business will become your best friend when used correctly. Okay, it sounds simple but there are a few things you need to connect here. Make sure that the exact same NAP details appear on your Google My Business listing and your website. On your Google My Business, include a link to your website. Otherwise, Google will not recognise the relationship between both. Always add these details in your footer and it goes without saying on your contact page. To rank in your specific area, Google My Business is your go to, so get these details correct.

Best of Luck to All Small Business Owners Out There

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from little things – Big Things Grow

I could go on here all day but I think this is enough for now. I hope you find some of these tips helpful and I wish all of you the very best of luck with your SEO tactics. If you need any further advice on the tips we’ve shared with you, or if BrittleStarSEO can help your business further please contact us below.


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