The Story of Brittlestars – See the Miracle of Change Come to Life!

BrittleStarSEO became the name of our website because we fell in love with this little endangered species of Starfish. Brittle stars (aka serpent stars), can live up to 5 years, becoming fully grown in two to three years.

They have 5 whip-like legs and crawl the sea floor in their many colours and designs. Even though they can be found in all the marine provinces worldwide, they are still under threat.

Why are Brittlestar Fish Becoming Endangered?

CLIMATE CHANGE is the main reason. Because climate change occurs faster than natural systems can cope with, a lot of the living creatures don’t stand a real chance. This is true of the beautiful brittlestar. Because of climate change the water temperature of these little guys habitats will increase much too quickly for them to adapt naturally. Adaptation generally requires change to occur over many generations.

We are now witnessing change taking place over the span of just twenty years in some places. The ecosystems that are being mostly affected right now are the reef systems, coastal wetlands, tropical rainforests, estuaries, and rangelands. The rise of sea levels also creates huge risk for our brittlestar families.

Acidic Water is Another Source of Threat for The BrittleStar Family

Port Phillip Bay in Southern Victoria, Australia is home to a huge array of beautifully coloured and designed brittlestars. However, because of carbon emissions being released by the quickly growing infrastructure, the bay is becoming rapidly polluted.

This is causing a huge threat to the many different species of brittlestars living here. Since they are very vulnerable to the increasing oceans acidity due to carbon emissions, their numbers are set to decline by a frightening percentage in the coming years.

These little marine creatures are among the most beautifully formed and decorated in the world, yet due to mankind’s continuous destruction they may not even survive. In acidic conditions, brittlestar larvae will not survive and even the adult brittlestar lose their muscle mass when regenerating their legs. More information on Brittle Stars

What We Must Do to Help!

Very simply, we must immediately stop polluting our oceans and waterways. We must start lowering our greenhouse and carbon emissions. There are many many other ways we can help preserve our wildlife both on land and in the marine territory. Now is the time to start making these changes. Right now, everyone really needs to become aware of the importance of this challenge. Once we all start working together towards the benefit of our planet we will truly see the miracles of change come to life. Let’s all start this super important process together now!

A lot more on the topic of climate change and the knock-on effect it has on earth’s natural wildlife later…….


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