Your Website is Your Piece of Internet Real Estate! (2)

So, last time I told you that I’d be back with some vital information on how your website can make you money while you sleep. Sounds nice eh? Orchestrating the work involved here properly will make it become your best business friend forever!

Your Email Strategy is Worth Gold!

Your website comes in two halves, front end and back end. This may sound somewhat techy but it’s really not – let me explain.

When I mention back end, I am not referring to your WordPress dashboard. I mean the back end of your sales funnel. Lots of people only concentrate on front end, the products and services which you advertise directly on your website. Yet everybody should have a back end sales strategy also, this is where the real money is made. So, what would a back end strategy look like? It could be your email strategy.

If you depend on people just landing on your website, decide they really like what you have on offer and just can’t wait to commit £2K, £10K, £100K, well that’s great. Except that doesn’t EVER happen and therefore sales don’t happen!  You must get them to commit to offering you their email address. This is quite easy. You can then start building trust. This relationship which will lead to the day (drum roll) when you make an offer on your services.

You will have lots of people enrolled on your email list and you’ll have been telling them all about your fantastic product or service and they will trust you because they’ll know by now that what you are offering is very REAL. This is your back end sales strategy in a nutshell. You are  wondering how to get these email addresses in the first place so you can get this kick started? I’m going to tell you about that next.

Busy or Idle – Your Call

wonderful image of bees flying in and out of hive
busy making honey

But firstly, I have to say you must implement the above. It will make the difference between a website that just sits idly by and a website that works for you day and night.

What you must do first is sign up for an email marketing provider on your website so that your visitors and customers can leave their email details for you when they visit, it beats them sailing away never to be heard from again! Once your email list starts to grow you can get to work gaining trust and offering your services with value. MailChimp is an excellent resource because it’s so simple to use and so versatile you can never really go wrong.

Always remember that the internet and social media are motorways and your website is your little piece of real estate sitting on the side of that motorway. Keeping this in mind, your back end sales strategy is your pot of gold buried in the back garden. You just never realised it until now ? Best of Luck

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